Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Life Drawing at Clapham

I've been going to the fantastic life drawing sessions in Clapham. After looking at Tegan's recent life drawing, I realized how much I missed it. I also like all the life drawing that Emilie posts, wonderful stuff.
So here's some of my stuff. There's loads more but scanning is a real pain...

We have had some fantastic models too, making it all the more fun!
UPDATE 22/8/2011: This class no longer runs. 


  1. Nice stuff man. How's the course as a whole?

  2. These are really nice!
    The models look like there a lot more fun to draw than aucb's :D.
    How are you? Hows stuff going?

  3. Hey Mark, its not a course at all, you just rock up and draw what you want. Very liberating!
    Hannah, things are going great thanks! Getting longer contracts at Karrot and loving it!

  4. Lovely ones Rick, those last two are my favs. Strong shadow choices and great clear line :D

  5. these are great I love the top two! I agree with hannah from these poses looks like you have great models :)

  6. What night do you go? and where exactly? I'm looking to do some life drawing too, might come along next week !

  7. Mee too!! I miss life drawing :(