Friday, 17 August 2012

Embarrassing Self Indulgence

This will be the only post I do of this sort, I promise :)
I have loads of drawings from when I was growing up, and here is a small selection. I think journeys are fun so here we go...

Age 4 and a bit
Age 5
F16 Falcon, I've always liked planes. Especially bendy ones that go "Bang" when shot on the wing. 
Age: 5
Age 5
I inexplicably loved this show so much. I actually find it a bit creepy now.

Age 6.
Love Dr. Who, some things never change. If I am good any anything drawing related, its remembering details, and people around me were always easy to impress when drawing stuff like this cos all the bits of the Dalek are there. However, those same people probably didnt look to the human on the left. CHECK OUT THAT ARM :)

Age 10
This was for the profiles you had to make in my school; a book of lots of your work to impress the secondary schools with. Lots of kids in my class were doing these kinda bug eyed portraits for the cover, which, even as a kid, I hated. It always seemed so easy and generic (even though I didnt know that word). But that was primary school. I was a sheep. I followed suit, and hated the result/self. 

Age: 10
This is an excerpt from one page of the profile, where you had to write about your ambitions and such. Reading it now, its hoffifyingly arrogant of me to assume that I knew "almost everything about cartoons". After years of study and being an animator, I would still say I know very little.
I go on to say "I have made seven sheets of paper with comic strips all over them". Seven. SEVEN. EASY TIGER, SLOW DOWN. I've no idea why I wrote that. I have stacks of evidence around me now, proving I did much much more. Idiot kid. Also, pretty sure I stole this "gag" from a Garfield strip. 
Age 11.
Unfortunatley, 95% of the "artwork" from this age onwards that I still have from my school days is of Sonic The Hedgehog. Never before has the release year of a videogame been so clearly evidenced by a child's artwork. It was all going pretty diverse up to this point. 

So here's me around the time this was all happening. Micro Machines, an aircraft carrier and, more importantly, that utterly amazing duvet cover. Man I wish I still had that. 
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