Monday, 30 December 2013

More artwork for the Sonic website; Zone Zero. Aquatic Ruin Zone

I wanted to spend some time on some projects over this winter holiday but my brain wouldn't let me concentrate on the projects I wanted to do. That's always the way, isn't it? You can concentrate on anything except what you need to. So I found myself returning once again to my duties as the illustrator for the website, Zone Zero. Im working through all the levels in the 16BIT Sonic games. I'm currently upto Sonic 2, level 3; Aquatic Ruin Zone.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dreamworks Puss In Boots: The Game. Some of my work for it....

I wasn't able to post about this for ages, and then I totally forgot about it. And now Blitz games has shut down, I think the time is right.

This was the second time I worked with DC Turner and Kershoot (after Storm, and it wouldn't be the last time either...). Myself and DC did all the 2D cut-scenes in the game. Blitz wanted them in a similar stylization to the Storm vid. I remember I found it quite nerve racking sending off some of my storyboards to Dreamworks and waiting for the feedback...They approved them with only tiny changes which was very relieving/satisfying! Getting the OK from Dreamworks? Feels good!

SO here's some of the stuff i worked on. I only have the files for the first cut-scene, (which is a shame cos I was rather fond of some of the later art). These were designed to be animated, and some of them are just the backgrounds without any characters on them, but you get the idea anyway.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Put your foot down and DRIVE!

I was playing a lot of Driver: San Francisco when I started this, even though it has been out for a few years. Still some of the most satisfying car physics around.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

You like dags?

Phew! I've been super busy recently which for some reason meant I started loads of projects without finishing the previous one. This means I have a folder of unfinished art, all begging for attention. Slowly, but surely, the folder will be emptied! This one had been sat in that folder collecting digital dust for some time, I thought it was about time it saw some attention.

Some time ago I bought a Praxinascope and had been meaning to make my own animations for it. One of the reasons I have less time these days is because of this asshole so I thought it pertinent for her to be my subject.
Where's the challenge you ask? Why bother repeating an exercise from the first year of uni? Well, I couldn't find any reference on dog runs with 10 frames (the amount in the praxinoscope), and I really didnt want to adapt a reference of a 6 frame run to a 10 and just add more tweens, because there's no logical place to add them, without favouring an abitary pose. An dog run has no real keys, they're ALL keys cos everything happens at different times. So, I made my own 10 frame cycle. I hope you like it, I'll add footage of it in the praxinoscope as soon as I can get a printout of it to stick in there. Hi-res but slower version here

Monday, 11 March 2013

Some mentions...

Sarah And Duck.

Karrot Animations very own show, Sarah and Duck, is now being shown on CBeebies in the UK. You can see it on BBCiplayer. I animated on the episode, Cake Bake.

Scooby Forever.

Here's some work for Cartoon Network that we did at Karrot Animation. They wanted Scooby Doo set into Scandinavian landmarks. I did some of the concept/design work as well as some modelling/texturing/animation.

Cartoon Network Scooby Forever Promo from Karrot Animation on Vimeo.