Thursday, 16 October 2014

Tim Minchin's Storm, the graphic novel. A cover...

DC Turner and Tracy King invited me to draw an image for their graphic novel version of Tim Minchin's STORM. Having already worked on the animated version, I was already a huge fan of the project, how could I refuse?
Here's the book in all its hardback glory! 
I only really had 1 evening to complete my image so there wasn't as much time for exploratory design as I would normally allow, but here's some of my initial Tim character designs.. There was no time for Storm, I settled on her design immediately! 
Here's a blocking phase, trying to get work out were the main shadows in the image would fall .

I highly recommend the book. It's one thing listening to Tim recite it or watching the animation, it's another to have it in this format where you can really linger on each word and adsorb DCs wonderful illustrations. The hardback has some great behind the scenes content at the end too (although good luck getting one, there was only 2000 printed.)

I hope you liked my fake cover :D

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