Friday, 30 December 2011

Chemical Plant Zone

My newest illustration for the website, Zone Zero. I'm working through one image for each level in the 16BIT games. 

 This is my original sketch. I was going to have sonic peering over a ledge at Tails, laughing at him, but I didn't want him resting on his elbows again like my last image. So 1 quick sketch later...
 Then I'll go in and put everything on model...I also changed Tails' expression. They don't really pull those kind of mouth shapes in Sonic
 Some rough colours....
 Then the fun bits....
If anyone has any ideas on how I could improve this, let me know!


  1. Hey mate. Pretty cool illustration. I just have 2 pointers! Firstly, you can make the characters stand out and 'pop' out of the BG more. Atm, the contrast in the BG is high, you have that dark building shadow against the light white sky. Over distance the contrast should turn lower and this applies to all factors (colour, value, edges, details). You have the right idea knocking the BG into soft edges.
    The final point is the black shadows. Yups, the dreaded all evil black shadows ;) It just makes things look flat because theres a lack of information about the form. This one is quite a complex topic so I will point you to ppl who are more qualified to talk about it:

    If you would like to look into light and shadow more, James Gurney has a fecking amazing book on the subject called 'Color and Light'
    Hope that helps bud!

  2. Great ideas, Ben. I'll do just that!

  3. Your best yet. Colours are sweet!

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Ruf and Rhys:D

  5. Possibly add eggman in his machine pumping goo?

  6. Hi Ricky, I recently discover your arts and I loved it so much! Thw pink water... the background... Everything about it is perfect! <3
    Could you remake this art of Chemical Plant in dimensions for iPhone Wallpaper? I hope you can do it, I'll even print it on a painting to put in my room <3